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Form and Function:

          The form and function project takes a bigger look at the relationship between the designer and the process of design through inspiration. This project goes into depth on the process of design and making a design work.



Concept bridge spans:


The Fourth Bridge
fourth bridge good.jpg
fourth bridge  autocad.jpg
Sydney Harbor bridge
Hell_Gate_Bridge_ 5.jpg
Tokyo Gate Bridge
tokyo bridge 2.jpg
tokyo gate.jpg
Movement Analogies:
Car Jack
car jack.jpg
Mountain Bike Frame
Channel Locking Pliers
channel lock pliers.jpg
3x3 Conceptual Combination Table
new 3x3 table.jpg
Preliminary Conceptual design
final 1.jpg
peliminary loop.gif
mechanism loop.gif
project 1
final 2.jpg
FINAL 3.jpg
The Final Design
pelimenery design.jpg
FINAL 5.jpg
FINAL 4.jpg
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